What You Need to Know About Table Tennis Rackets

Everything about table tennis racket for beginners

The most important equipment in table tennis is the racket. The racket is made of a wooden blade and covered with rubbers on both sides. It is also called ping pong racket or table tennis paddle or table tennis bat.


The wooden part of the racket is called blade, there is no official restriction to the size of the table tennis blade but most blades are about 6.5 inches long and 6 inches wide.

According to the official table tennis rules, the sides of the blade for hitting the ball must be covered with ITTF approved rubbers and the color must be red or black.

Table Tennis Racket Guide

As a beginner, it is best for you to have your own TT racket.

There are two types of table tennis racket. They are the premade and custom made rackets.

Premade rackets

This type of racket is made with the rubbers already attached to the blade direct from the manufacturers. A premade racket is the best choice for a beginner.

However the down side of the premade racket is that most of them have been in their packs for a long time in sport shops and the rubbers may start to deteriorate.

This is why it advisable to buy a premade racket from an online table tennis store instead of just any sport shop.

Custom made rackets

In this case the racket components (the blade and rubbers) are bought separately and assemble by the player or the supplier.

These components can be purchase separately and assembled according to your level and style of play. Most suppliers normally charge additional fee for such services.

Racket Categories

There are 3 categories of TT racket. They are the offensive (OFF), defensive (DEF) and all-round rackets (ALL).

The offensive racket is faster and creates more spin on the ball. it is mostly used by players who use the attacking style of play.

The defensive racket is slow and has less spin on the ball. It is mostly used by players who use the defensive style.

The all-round racket has medium speed and spin with good control to the ball. I will recommend this category of racket for beginners.

Racket Components

The TT racket components are the materials that are used to produce or assemble the racket. The racket components consist mainly of the table tennis blade and table tennis rubbers.

The rubbers are glued to the table tennis blade either directly from the manufacturers (premade) or assembled by the players or by the suppliers who will do this for a fee.

Before you go ahead to choose your TT racket (premade or custom made) you must know what kind of table tennis grip that you will use and how to use it.

What You Need To Know

Racket Grip

There are different types of grip in the sport of table tennis or ping pong, but the most commonly used are the penhold and shakehands grip.

The penhold grip is common among the Asian players (mostly Chinese, Japanese and Korean players) the players grip the racket as if they are holding a writing instrument.

The shakehand grip is mostly used by the western players (none Asian players) the players grip the racket as if they are shaking hands with someone.

You will also need to know the kind of racket handle that fits you. The three most common type of handle are the straight, anatomic and flared handle.

I will recommend the shakehands grip racket with flare or straight handle because it is more comfortable and will help you to quickly develop your table tennis techniques.

Racket Care

Buying a premade racket or assembling your own custom racket is not cheap. So you will need to know how to protect your racket from damage.

Your racket can get damage easily if you do not take proper care of it. You can use a racket cleaner to clean you racket after use.

You can also buy a table tennis racket case to keep your racket when you are not using it. You should also keep you racket away from heat or direct sunlight.

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