Top 10 women table tennis players in the world 2011

The top 10 women in the world are so under rated. We all know that they suddenly retire from an unbeaten record like the last Chinese one did. But did you know that GUO Yan CHN, FENG Tianwei SIN, LI Xiaoxia CHN, GUO Yue CHN, KIM Kyung Ah KOR, LIU Shiwen, DING Ning CHN, FUKUHARA Ai JPN, WANG Yuegu SIN, and LI Jiao NED are the top 10 in that order? I didn’t because it seems there is no passion by men or women to watch women play table tennis. Men that play table tennis are interested in the men at the top where as women that watch the sport where are they? The sport is overly populated with men so dam it guys get out!


NO if you look at the names, Guo guo, sure the 10th best is from the Netherlands but hay the last time I met a dutch lady called Li Jiao she kind of looked suspiciously Asian.

I seem to be one of the few guys out there who enjoy watching the ladies play. They do bounce around rather a lot but that just adds to it. The hottest chicks in ping pong seem to be Li Xiaodan, Tie yana and Kasumi Ishikawa. I don’t know if they are quicker than the men when close to the table, probably not. They look a bit out of place when trying to loop once away from the table though, not got so much power. One thing that goes against them is the way they dress. In tennis the women often look pretty glamourous and, as we know, sex sells. The Chinese are trying to jazz things up and they mostly wear skirts in the Chinese Super League. Cao Zhen famously played in a cocktail dress.

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