How You Think About Killerspin Table Tennis Tables?

killerspin logo
killerspin logo

Killerspin is a brand name for table tennis equipments. It is especially well known for manufacturing of table tennis tables. The company is also actively sponsors and hosts table tennis tournaments around the world. Currently, you can get the Killerspin products and equipments in fourteen countries.

Killerspin has sponsored a lot of international ping pong events with their Killerspin table tennis tables. Their equipments and products can generally be observed on the famous sports channel such as ESPN. The brand has been specifically present at the Arnold Sports Festival – an event that is hosted by popular movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Prices Range for the Products

Depends on which type of Killerspin table tennis tables you want, the prices can varies from $700 to $3,000. For a price of $700, you can purchase a Killerspin MyT5. For a price of $2,850, you can purchase an excellent quality Killerspin Revolution SVR-B (Black Top) ping pong table.

For the tables supplied by Killerspin, they can be categorized in 2 types which is either indoor or outdoor. Should you think of enjoying playing table tennis at outer space, then it is good for you to buy the MyT5 Street Edition or the MyT7 Outdoor table tennis table. The price is around $700 – $850 which is quite affordable by considering the table is manufactured from robust materials to hold up against the outdoor conditions.

The MyT series of Killerspin ping pong tables can be half fold for easy storage or single player to perform playback for warming up. Some of the MyT table models are feature with levelers where you can adjust the level surface for better playing experience. The table’s leg also having the easy up and down pin lock which make the table stands still without swerve right or left when you are playing the game.

Killerspin MyT5 Table Tennis Table Review

This table is specially made for newbies. It is good idea for all beginners to start practice their ping pong skill by playing with the Killerspin MyT5 table tennis table.

For Killerspin MyT5 table, the material used to manufacture it is especially reliable and long-lasting. It features with a top covering that provides an incredible bounce for your ping pong ball. It’s usually frantic for a player to find the appropriate bounce on the ball with many other ping pong tables, this is due to most of the tables are not make with distinctive covering to enhance ball bouncing. In many instances, beginners are likely to quit playing the sport if they keep failing in getting the ball over the net. The Killerspin MyT5 will be able to solve the issue as the table is specifically designed to give amazing bouncing of the ball.

killerspin myt5 blupocket
killerspin myt5 blupocket

The MyT5 table tennis table is designed with a .63-inch (16 millimeter) MDF tabletop. It provides a high-quality 16-layer finish with its specially engineered Repeat Roller Coating (RRC). This coating helps bring about consistent level of quality of play and bounce so a beginner can enjoy and improve his/her skill real quick. The table is features with a heavy-duty white metal frame caster wheels that specially designed with the purpose of easy movement. One more cool feature that it has is the build of safety locking system which allows safe and sound table placement at the time of playing the game.

Revolution Series For Sale

The revolution series of the Killerspin table tennis tables are designed for professional tournaments and you can always find these tables in the Killerspin Extreme and Spinvitational Tournaments. This series is proudly present with its outstanding design of excellent stableness and also distinctive ground breaking base with sturdy metal arched constructions. Superb combination of the design and structures is what makes these revolution series to be the most impressive tables that you can get. Besides, this type of ping pong table requires minimum assembly where you can set it up very fast and play in no time.

Killerspin Revolution SVR
Killerspin Revolution SVR

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