The Butterfly Primorac Carbon Blade

Figuring out which blade and rubbers to use is so difficult. First, there are so many to choose from and second, you will hear everybody to have an opinion on what you should use. Well, after going through all the choices and listening to countless of opinions, I decided to switch to the Primorac Carbon by Butterfly.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon FL Blade
Butterfly Primorac Carbon FL Blade

The reason I wanted to switch is because I felt I needed something faster so I don’t have to put so much effort into my strokes, it was wearing me out. I combined it with a softer rubber the Sriver G3 FX, one of my favorite. I have been playing with this combo for a week now and this is what I think:

It is definitely a blade for players who practice consistently three to four times a week. Since it is pretty fast, you need to have a great feel in your arm to be able to control it. It is especially amazing when you flick or loop the ball, great control. You can hardly ever miss doing that.

When blocking though, things are not as easy… I am having a hard time controlling the ball when blocking. It seems like you need to be very precise to get an amazing block. If you are a little bit off the right position then the ball seems to either bouncing of the racket to all directions or it just falls into the net. It works better when you hold your racket very firm and steady, none movement whatsoever.

I think this might be the greatest challenge for me with this blade. To go from a very soft arm when initiating attack, to a very firm hold when blocking. I think when I master this subtle change I am going to be very happy with this blade for a while.

What I am very impressed with this blade is the speed you can generate when smashing or fast attacking. The ball just flies off your paddle in lightning speed, your opponent needs to be very fast to react and return that. Incredible.

One last but not least aspect of this blade I am also very happy with is the spin I am able to generate with my serves. With a little effort you get a great amount of spin onto the ball. Love it.

I am a close to the table and mid distance player with a great touch in my arm. This blade forces me to have my arm relaxed and play a more technical game. I think it will help me bring out the best in my game.

I guess we will have to wait and see….


Class: OFF+ Feel: Hard
Plies: 3W+2C
Weight: 88gr
Blade thickness: 6.9
Blade size: 157X150mm
FL Handle Size: 100X25mm
ST Handle Size: 100X23mm

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