Ping Pong Accessories – Net Table Cover Paddle and Tops

Before you go and get some table tennis or ping pong accessories, you need to be clear about what you want to do with them. You could be buying the accessories to simply have fun playing the game at home with family and friends. There may be a member of your family who has showed a lot of interest in the game to the extent of aspiring to play professionally. When you establish this you will be in a position to make a decision on the kind of accessories to get, and the amount you can invest.

ping pong accessories
ping pong accessories

Paddle and Rubber Grip

There are a number of ping pong accessories that can improve your performance; one of them is the ping ping paddle. The ping pong paddle comes in many shapes and sizes. The handle of the ping pong is usually made of wood. Different types of wood give different a feel for each player. A rubber grip is important if you had already bought a paddle but you are not satisfied with the firmness of its grip. The rubber grip can be slid onto the paddle or removed depending on the progress of the game and when the player needs a firmer grip.

Pre-made Paddles

Some paddles are pre-made while others are custom made. Pre-made paddles have the rubber cover already slipped onto the blade. Custom paddles are the opposite of the pre-made paddles in that they do not have the rubber covering slipped on the blade. The cover of the blade is an accessory by itself since some professional players spend a lot of time looking for the perfect cover.

The paddle also needs to be protected from wear and tear. A ping pong bat has certain specific dimensions. In a professional game this dimensions are not mandatory for the paddle used in the tournament. The dimensions are believed to be the bet to give the optimal performance during the game. Therefore, when a ping pong bat gets worn out it will affect the game, so a paddle’s cover is necessary.


The ping pong table must always be in the best condition. Even the slightest warping of the table will affect the game. To keep the table in its tip top condition a table cover is needed. The cover will prevent the wood from exposure to dampness and moisture. This is especially important if you are going for an outdoor ping pong table. The cover also helps to avoid the table top from getting scratched. The smoothness of the table’s top is essential to the game of ping pong as it enables the ball to spin as required in the game. If you lose this quality of smoothness then you may have to get a new table to regain it. It is therefore very important to maintain the table‘s smoothness.

Net and Other Supplies

Some of the best ping pong supplies include a quality ping pong net, ping pong conversion top, ping pong table covers, table tennis shoes, return boards, ball dispensers, lights and other equipment.


The ball also needs a cover. The cover maintains the smoothness of the ball. This is necessary if you are going to be moving around with it especially during tournaments and training sessions. The other accessory you may want to add is a wrist band. A cool wrist band not only helps you to conveniently wipe off sweat during the match, but adds a sense of style to your ping pong accessories.

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