Outdoor Table Tennis Cover

Table tennis tables are often too big to store inside the house, resulting in many tables being stored outside in sheds or garages. While storing tables outside may seem like a good option, it can expose your table to many potential damage from the elements including dust and grime. That is where an outdoor table tennis cover comes in useful.

table tennis cover
table tennis cover

So what exactly should a good outdoor table tennis cover do?

1. Waterproof

If you store your table outside such as inside an open garage, then you be fairly certain that rain will be blown into your garage and hitting your exposed table at some point or another. That is why you need a waterproof cover to stop the rain falling on and damaging your table. While a table tennis cover may protect your cover from light rain, I would advise you in the event of heavy rain to find better storage facilities for your table as a cover can only protect so much of your table.

2. UV Rays

The powerful UV rays that the sun emits can potentially damage your table tennis cover and make the color of the table fade. For example although you may store your table inside a garage the strong rays coming through a glass window could damage the table covering. If you store your table outside where it could be exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight then I would advise you to obtain a cover made of material that is resistant to UV rays. The material you should use in your cover is PVC as this has very good UV resistant properties.

Where can you buy a table tennis cover?

The next step once you have decided to purchase a table tennis cover is to decide where you are going to buy it. There are a variety of different Department stores where you can purchase them online. Two online sites where you can usually find a good outdoor table tennis cover at a reasonable price is Amazon and Ebay.

Amazon – Amazon is an established online website selling a whole range of different products including table tennis covers. They have a very good reputation for online trading and have many satisfied customers. Search their website for various covers available for sale.

Ebay – Ebay is another popular online auction website with many items available for sale. To begin searching for covers, simply type in “table tennis covers” in the search box on the main page and you will get a list of auction listings. Browse through the listing to look for a suitable tarp that will suit your requirements.

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