Indoor Table Tennis Table – Why You Should Start

First of all I want you to be aware of the fact that indoor table tennis (also known as ping pong) is getting more and more popular last days. You may ask, why is so?

Here is the short answer – Indoor table tennis (can be also played outdoor if you wish) is The Sport! That’s it!

I will give you also a longer version of my answer – just in case the short one was not enough. So, below I listed some more ideas and reasons why is it such a good sport activity and why you should stop wasting time looking for better activity for both you and your family.

indoor table tennis table
indoor table tennis table

1. It is cheap!

Once you got your equipment, it is cheap. So you buy all you need and you are ready to go for a long run. Even the cost of joining the club and its weekly fees are usually much lower than the other sports like golf or tennis. I will go for more details later in my posts.

2. It is healthy!

Ping pong is a wonderful activity for relaxing and resting at the end of a long day. Besides this, there are some cardiovascular benefits that you can acquire from this so you will keep your muscles in shape. you will quickly get sweaty and you will feel that your heart is beating faster. And it is good for your health and fitness. So yeah, you can’t even imagine how great impact this little game will have on your life and health.

3. You can play it anytime and anywhere!

Because table tennis is an indoor sport, it does not depend on the weather or season. you can play it all year round, doesn’t matter if it is very cloudy winter or sunny summer, you can enjoy it day and night. And because there are foldaway tables available, you can put it away while not using it.

4. You need only one partner

to be able to play as long as you can. Of course, you can have 4 people playing and it works perfectly – 2 vs. 2 – It is called doubles. But there is actually no limit for this. If you have enough space around you can have bunch of friends playing with you several games, which I will hopefully explain later on. While with the available of table tennis robot, you can even play alone without the need of any partner!

5. Everyone can play!

There is no gender or age limit. When you go to the club, it is common to see 65 years old woman playing with 15 years old kid and have lots of fun. And even at home, you can have little tournament as a family or maybe play doubles – guys against girls, etc. – there are really no limits. So be creative and invite everyone to join and play. I’m sure they will love it.

6. It develops your intelligence!

Yes, it is true. Ping pong is good for your brain. Especially when you get older. There is a lot of creative thinking and planning going on during the game so your brain will be in shape for as long as you stay active and play icon wink Indoor table tennis why you should start

7. It is so much fun!

Table tennis is really cool sport and a great adventure for life. It is quite easy to start yet hard to master. So you will never get bored in it, you will always have another challenge to look forward to. That’s why it is so interesting and I really encourage you to try it yourself.

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