How to Choose Table Tennis Tables for Sale

Table tennis is a fun activity that your family and friends will definitely enjoy playing at home. Competitive players as well practise their killer spins and strokes at home as often as they can. Whether it’s for leisure or sports, choosing among the variety of table tennis tables for sale requires careful consideration such as your budget, the size of your home and the general purpose of the table.

Types of Table Tennis Tables

Recreational tables

Considered sufficient for beginners and recreational players, recreational tables come in various sizes and thickness, including non-standard small sizes, which is a small space solution for homes.

Table Tennis Conversion Tops

If indoor space is a major constraint at home, a table tennis conversion top should be your choice. Not strictly speaking a table tennis table, the conversion top consists of the top portion of the table tennis table that you can attach to any sturdy surface such as a pool table or any other table, to turn it instantly into a table tennis table. The conversion top is easy to install and locks in place using mounting brackets.

Competition Table

Players training for competitive table tennis may need a high quality table to practise their strokes and routines at home. Competition tables are generally thicker for a consistent bounce across the entire surface. Competitive players normally invest in one that is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you want to take your game to the yard, an outdoor table tennis table that folds in half and rolls around on wheels will make it easy to move from one place to another. An outdoor table tennis table is thinner than indoor types and specially clad in aluminum so that its top, bottom and sides can resist moisture and warping.

table tennis table
table tennis table

Special playback feature

Another option for solo players at home is to get a table with a playback feature that lets you raise one end of the table to a 90-degree position so that the ball bounces right back at you when you play alone. While this feature is good for beginners and children, competitive players may not get quality training as a result of the ball’s unnatural trajectory and should practise with training robots instead.

Table tennis tables for sale are available as stationary or rollaway types and in aluminum clad or resin materials. Selecting the right table tennis table for your needs is important because it’s a home accessory that you won’t be purchasing too often.

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