Hathaway Victory Professional 9’ Table Tennis Table

This is one of the top line tables that take your ping-pong game to the next level. It is a high quality table whose designs meet the set standards by the International Table Tennis Federation, ITTF. Hathaway Victory table has a 1-inch thick playing surface that has 20 layers of coating. It is a solidly built and sturdy table that takes minimal time to assemble. It is highly recommended for club use or professional table tennis game. Let us look at this exceptional Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) table in detail.

Selling features

It is a high quality tournament table. It is designed for professional matches and extreme game competitions. The 1-inch think playing surface has 20 layers of coating. This promotes constant and fast bouncing of balls.
It is 9-ft x 5-ft in size. The dimension aligns with the standards set forth by the ITTF. The size is inclusive of all accessories; a net, 3 balls and 2 paddles. It comes with all that you need to begin your game. It is also an excellent table for families to have fun. The Hathaway Victory provides the premium for all age players. For skilled players, it is a perfect table for personal practice.

Hathaway Victory Professional 9' Table Tennis Table
Hathaway Victory Professional 9′ Table Tennis Table

The table is too heavy, about 200lbs. The heaviness is an advantage. Weight is essential for a perfect table tennis table. It is frustrating to play on a table that warps when walloped by a ball. The heaviness enhances its stability to the ground, guaranteeing you a consistent play. The workability of the top surface exceeds that of most conventional ping pong tables.

The table legs are steel made. This increases the table’s durability and enhances its support during play. It is worth every coin. You will enjoy its value for a long time. Since this table accommodates the toughest challenges, it is also perfect for gyms, game rooms or den.

Some clients are annoyed by its great construction that complicates the folding process. Nevertheless, the two independent sturdy halves fold correctly for secure storage. You can also set the halves for a single player. The table folds in the middle, and its ends lock and fold for compressed storage. In a nutshell, the quality of this table is all that matters.


The assembling process is uncomplicated and can be done even by unskilled players. It is a simple 6-step procedure that does not consume much time. The Hathaway Victory is also equipped by locking latches that can be attached easily. The table has 5-inch wheels that aid in moving the table on bare ground or even on a carpet. The wheels complement its weight. Other accessories in this table include a one-year warranty and 2 paddles.

If you are a professional player, Hathaway Victory is the right table for you. It is also excellent for family fun and individual practice. The thick playing surface is highly resilient to ball bounce. The heavyweight and steel legs add to its stability, offering you a top line game. Its quality is unmatchable. It is worth every penny.

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