Euro-Asia All Star Challenge Results

As many people may already know, the great Euro-Asia All start Challenge event is over and now we know who was better. So It’s basically a two days tournament, which took place from 6th to 7th March in Qingdao, China. It was a nice tournament as always and a great way to test the lower ranked players or even the younger ones, to see how they perform in such an event.

euro-asia match
euro-asia match

We had pretty interesting teams over there, with Chen Weixing, Adrian Crisan, Vladimir Samsonov and Marcos Freitas representing Europe and Jun Mizutani, Joo See Hyuk, Zhang Jike, Chuang Chin-Yuan and Jiang Tinayi playing for Asia. As everyone can see, the Asia Team was a little stronger, which not necessarily means they were actually better.

Well, they’ve won, but Europe did a great job too. For those who don’t really know what the result was, wich is totally understandable cause you’re reading an article called Euro-Asia All Star Challenge Results, Europe did win against Asia in the first day. It was 3:2 in Europe’s favour. On the other hand, it became 5:0 in the second day for Asia, which is pretty embarrasing I’d say. Anyways, we can still be proud of the first, opening day, which was a great one for Europe.

Day 1

The best match of that day, in my opinon was Vladimir Samsonov vs Zhang Jike, where Vladi managed to beat the Chinese 3:2. It was a great match, Samsonov seemed to be pretty comfortable playing against Zhang and was able to play almost anything, while Zhang Jike seemed to have some problems, which made this day not the best for him.

The next match i wanted to wright about is Dimitrij Ovtcharov against Chuang Chin-Yuan, which ended up with a nice 3:0 for the German player. As Chuang is known for his regularity and great counter topspins, it seemed like the whole match was controled by Dima. Still a nice match with awesome rallies though.

A next pretty surprising match, was Joo See Hyuk vs Adrian Crisan. Although Adrian isn’t a top player and doesn’t win much tournaments, he did a great job winning with Joo. The korean player played well, but it just wasn’t the usual him. Actually, have you heard anything about him lately ? Because i haven’t and I’m wondering If it’s everything ok with him. Anyways, the match finished in 3 sets to 0 for the European.

The next matches were China’s victories, let’s see. There was Chen Weixing vs Jun Mizutani, which ended up with a 3:1 for the Japanese. Chen actually did play good, well he did everything he could, but you know him. You can’t expect anything from that player, sometimes he plays an excellent table tennis and sometimes the exact opposite.

The last match for that first day was Marcos Freitas vs Jiang Tianyi. As the result shows a 3:2 for Jiang you can see it wasn’t an easy going match for the Asian. It was hard, both players played great and the last set was actually 12:10.

Day 2

The next day was even better, although the result sucks (5:0 for Asia). In the first battle we had Jun Mizutani and Marcos Freitas. Seeing the result you can again expect, it was a good match. The result board showed a 3:2 for Jun.

This match was a nice one with a lot of great shots and rallies, but what to say, Mizutani is Mizutani and he does not loose against any player. The next one was Jiang Tinanyi vs Adrian Crisan, which was a pretty fast, 3 sets match for Jiang. For Vladimir Samsonov, the first day was like a dream, defeating the world champion, the other one was more like reality. The match between Chuang Chin Yuan and Samsonov was good, the crowd there seemed to be enjoying the show, but the result wasn’t that great, 3:1 for Chuang.

The fourth battle was a Zhang Jike vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov. The matches between these two guys are always good, we know that. This one wasn’t that bad, but wasn’t the best one either. Dima lost it 3:0. The last one was a chop battle, having Joo See Hyuk and Chen Weixing. Now, matches like that aren’t very usual, and people don’t seem to enjoy them, but It’s nice to see something different. The match ended in 4 sets for Joo.

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