table tennis table dimension

Dimensions For Tables Balls Nets Room Size

There are special table tennis dimensions that apply according to the official rules of the sport. The International Table Tennis Federation is the governing body in charge of the sport and they specify the different dimensions in the in the laws of table tennis handbook….

The official dimensions in table tennis has to do with the official measurements of table tennis equipment and the room size or playing areas for indoor table tennis games as specified in the official rules of the sport.

The official dimension in table tennis rules includes;

  • Table
  • Ball
  • Net
  • Room Size

Table tennis table dimension

According to the rules of table tennis, the official table tennis table dimension is 2.7cm (9 feet) long and 1.525m (5 feet) wide. There are other table tennis tables with different dimensions, like the mini and compact table tennis tables, but they are not authorized for use in official table tennis tournaments.

table tennis table dimension
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Ball dimension

The official rules of table tennis specify that, the table tennis ball dimension shall be 40mm in diameter and must weight 2.7 grams. It should be made from celluloid or similar materials and must be in white or orange color.

ping pong ball dimension
ping pong ball dimension

According to the rules of table tennis, the table tennis net height should be 15.25 cm high and must extend along the width of the center of the table tennis table, dividing it into two equal halve.

ping pong net
ping pong net

Room size

The official table tennis rules specify that the table tennis room dimension or the playing area in an indoor table tennis game shall be in a rectangle and not less than 14m long and 7m wide and 5m high, but the four corners may be covered by surrounds of not more than 1.5m length.




So in the nutshell when we talk about table tennis dimension we are actually talking about the four above mansion subjects.

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