Different Types of Table Tennis Paddles

Selection of a perfect table tennis paddle generally varies from the beginners to the professionals. Players should not entertain any “readymade” paddle, as it affects the quality of the shots. In the following paragraph we will discuss about the techniques of holding a table tennis paddle. The process of holding Table Tennis paddle affects the performance of a player. Style of holding a table tennis paddle depends on the nature of the game (Recreational or Professional).

3 Types of Paddles

There are basically 3 types of techniques for holding a table tennis paddle:

SHAKEHAND GRIP-This type of grip of a table tennis paddle is used in both the matches (professional and recreational).It permits strong movements in forehand and backhand strokes.

PENHOLD GRIP– This grip of the table tennis paddle is mostly used by the professional players, to create a tension in the opponents mind. It is basically an antiquated grip. Here the player can enjoy highly the forehand than the backhand strokes.

SEEMILLER GRIP– This grip of the table tennis paddle was generated by 5 times U.S table tennis champion Dan Seemiller. This grip observed in the table tennis paddle is very unique in nature and rarely used by any player during a match. Here, both backhand and forehand strokes are done with side of the paddle.

table tennis paddles
table tennis paddles

Let us discuss about the orientation of the grip:

Shakehand – The face of the palm should be towards the player and he should hold the table tennis paddle with all the fingers. The paddle edge and the player’s expanding arm should make a line (straight).

Penhold – Player should wrap the index finger and his thumb round the paddle’s base, he should fold the ring, pinky and middle finger and thumb should touch the tips of the index finger. The style of gripping this table tennis paddle should seem like somebody holding a pen.

Seemiller – The player should hold the table tennis paddle with all the fingers and palm.

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