Chopping Down on Your Opponents

The other day I was reading a table tennis forum on the Internet and came across a very important topic that had some people stumped.

The topic was on using chopping as grounds for defense. There were some who felt that this style only worked if the opponent primarily used topspin. Then there were others who felt that chops should be used as a setup move.

Forehand Choppingimage credited: killerspin

Me being the fellow who loves to chop, I felt compelled to write my comments.

I wrote that a player who primarily uses a chopping style seems to never be far behind in the score count. This sparked an onslaught of replies. Some said I was off my rockers if I thought a chopper is the best stroke. Others simply challenged me to a match to settle the score.

To see if my theory was true, I decided to scour the Internet further to find evidence to support my comment.

While doing so, I ran across a wonderful match between Liang Ge Liang from China and Tibor Klampar from Hungary. Klampar won the first set however, Liang furiously fought back in the second set. Check out the second set here…

Notice how Liang performs the chop with deadly precision almost as though he was the master of the stroke. Liang uses a racket that’s inverted on one side and pimpled on the other. This makes for interesting spin that can wear an opponent to the ground.

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