How to Choose the Right Table Tennis Blades For You

If you are new to the world of table tennis, then it may feel a bit overwhelming at first when you are starting. Not only do you have to learn how to play a new game and all the skills and techniques that come with it, but you also have a lot of equipment to select from. All the different kinds of tables, balls, and rackets (or table tennis blades, as they are sometimes called) can make a beginner’s head spin. There is a lot more to choosing a blade than just finding one that feels good in your hand. This guide will look at some of the things you should consider when choosing the blade that works best for you.

Butterfly Schlager Carbon Blade
Butterfly Schlager Carbon Blade

What Factors To Think Of

There are several things you will want to look at and take into consideration when looking at numerous table tennis blades. Things like weight, stiffness, balance, speed, head size, handle type, layers, rubbers, price, and your own skill level. How much a blade weighs is important because lighter ones allow you to swing more quickly, and heavy ones give you more added power when you hit the ball. Ideally, the best blade to seek out would be the heaviest one you can swing both quickly and comfortably. As for stiffness, a stiff blade will hit the ball faster, whereas a flexible blade will spin the ball more.

Rubber Grip

When looking at the balance of the different blades available, remember that the center of gravity can be found near the tip of the head or the handle. This can change, however, depending how much the rubber grip weighs. The heavier the rubber is, the more the center of gravity moves closer to the tip of the blade. As for speed, if you are more of an aggressive player, a faster blade will probably work better for you. If you are more of a defensive player, a slower blade will should be better suited to your needs. Also, if you prefer to spin your ball more, you should go for a slower blade.

The type of handle that you choose merely comes down to your own personal tastes. For the size of the head, air resistance is irrelevant, so you should be more concerned about the fact that the surface of a larger blade will have to have more rubber to cover it, thus adding more weight. This also will cause the center of gravity to shift away from the handle of the blade.

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