Brief Discussion of Kettler Champ 5.0

KETTLER is always produced great quality table for table tennis play. Especially the Champ 5.0 which is receive a very welcome from all ping pong players.

The table is having a thickness of 7/8″ for the table top with a wood core-for a real table tennis table bounce! This top is made specifically for table tennis play. The top has total protection from the weather with a totally sealed aluminum encapsulation.

Kettler Champ 50 Outdoor Table
Kettler Champ 50 Outdoor Table

Hidden robotically welded sealing of the wood top totally protects the top from the elements.

Low Inconsistent Bounce

Typically ΒΌ inch which is expressed in mm usually as 6 to 8 mm or so. It is not designed and made for table tennis play. The Champ table tennis table often called aluminum composite panels which sounds like Kettler, but this type is usually thin plastic core with thin aluminum sheet laminations.

This KETTLER table tops is features with solid attachment to chassis

Below- screwed Onto Chassis

The table top is solidly attached with screws and brackets to the Chassis below. It is special design exclusive to Kettler and it has screws that attached to special channel.

Thins Tops Must Be Glued To Chassis Below

The tops are so thin that they cannot screwed to the chassis below. Glue is a poor means of attachment, especially for outdoor products. The tops tend to peel off the chassis.

Kettler Table Tennis Tables Will Corrosion Free in Any Weather

The tables that being manufactured are having total Protection with a totally sealed aluminum encapsulation. Hidden robotically welded sealing.

Weatherproofing- Kettler chassis parts are dipped in a corrosion proofing solution before being powder coated with as much as four times the powder coating as other tables.

Thin Powder Coating Makes Most Vulnerable To Corrosive Influences

Table tennis is traditionally an indoor activity so the typical table tennis company has little experience at making outdoor products. Without experience in making outdoor products the others are prone to corrode.

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