Basic Ping Pong Rules for Beginners

Ping pong rules can confuse many beginners. It doesn’t help that the rules keep changing as the sport continues to evolve. It helps if there’s someone nearby who can help you understand basic ping pong rules. Even though there are several ping pong rules needed to be learned, this article will point out which ones are the most important to know. These basic ping pong rules will help you become prepared for competition using ITTF rules.

ping pong rule
ping pong rule

Basic ping pong rule #1 – Never move the table or put your free hand on top of the playing surface while the ball is in play. For instance, let’s say you’re reaching forward to hit a shot that’s close to the net. If you crash into the table or your free hand balance itself as you return the shot, a point is awarded to your opponent. It makes no sense giving away points.

Basic ping pong rule #2– Never hide the ball when serving the ball. This means that you can’t shield the ball with any portion of your body when serving the ball. At any point of the serve, if your opponent can’t see the ball then it’s called a fault.

Basic ping pong rule #3– The ball must not have any spin on it and tossed in an upwards fashion when serving the ball. This rule was implemented to keep players from putting extra spin on the ball. It helps to toss the ball with an open hand to keep spin levels down.

Basic ping pong rule #4– On the serve, the ball must be hit when it’s traveling downward. The ball must be in play above the playing service. It’s not legal to serve the ball below the table by “scooping” it up.

Basic ping pong rule #5– The table tennis racket must be black on one side and red on the flip side. This rule applies both to a racket that has the rubber on both sides or if you have contrasting rubbers.

These basic ping pong rules should help you prepare for any match. Of course there are many more rules to know. However, by knowing these basic ping pong rules, you can feel confident the next time you’re in a tournament or serious match.

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