I love to play ping pong during my leisure time. I been playing the game for many year. Even though until now my playing skill is still far from the professional level, but I do enjoy playing the game very much.

Let’s be honest, in the beginning it’s all about having fun!… Then you dare to dream!

I know the feeling. When my dad introduced me to the game of table tennis, I played for the fun it, made some great new friends & had a ball. But all of a sudden it was more than just a game for fun, I got really good at it, I started to win on a regular basis, I started beating good players, played to win… dared to dream, the Olympic Dream!

I had a great support base and mentor in my father, for the record – a real legend – his proven table tennis ability, history & knowledge of the “system”, made my sport path a lot easier. I trained hard & played harder to achieve my game. THE MORAL of the story is….. It’s not just enough to be good enough. You need proven, good people in your camp, helping you along the journey, it’s a tough demanding long road ahead to reach your game.

A lot of ups & downs, stay focused & always remember why you play the game – it’s fun! – Sure your objectives have changed along the way, you’re now addicted, a competitive junky, you need more, you need to compete at the elite level & succeed!