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Ariel Hsing USA KLH Special Tenergy 05 Tenergy 05 2009 USA Women’s National Team 2009 Panam Junior Girls Champion USATT Nov/Dec 2009 #1 U-18 Girls, U-16 Girls & U-14 Girls Brana Vlasic USA Petr Korbel Sriver Tenergy

Timo Boll keeps defeats friend at the 2011 World Table Tennis Championship

Timo Boll is keeping the European end up in the World Table Tennis Championships. On Friday the German beat his fellow-countryman soon after 6 games. Belarus expert Vladimir Samsonov was knocked out in the final game (11-9)

Team Oceania at World Cadet Challenge

On October 30, The Girls’ Oceania U15 Team took flight to Hyderabad, India to compete in the annual World Cadet Challenge. The 2010 Oceania Girls’ Team featured Lily Phan (Australia,) Jennifer Tseng (New Zealand,) Tina Mii (French

Volkswagen Cup, Guangzhou, China 2010

Thirty years after their most famous encounter, old foes, or to be more polite experienced adversaries, will once again draw swords as they enter the global table tennis theatre. Sweden’s Ulf “Tickan” Carlsson and China’s Guo Yuehua