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Start The Journey of Playing Ping Pong

I first met Connie in 1982, he had virtually stopped playing by then so I came to know him via the thirst medium. I’ve heard many, many stories over the years about how Connie ran Larkhall and

Top 10 women table tennis players in the world 2011

The top 10 women in the world are so under rated. We all know that they suddenly retire from an unbeaten record like the last Chinese one did. But did you know that GUO Yan CHN, FENG

Premier Club Awards Are Amongst the Interesting Items

PremierClub is the ETTA national programme for club development. It aims to help clubs grow and strengthen, and is directly aligned to Sport Englands CLUBMARK scheme a cross sport accreditation scheme signifying the sign of a quality

Brief Interview with Popular Players VI

Christine Marie Canadian Olympian Rank 2004: #4 Canadian Woman Forehand Rubber: Mendo Energy Black Max Backhand Rubber: Anti Red 2.0 Blade: Carbo 7.6 Glue: Energy Caroline Wersäll Town/Country: Stockholm/Sweden Family: Mother Catarina, father Christer, my older brother

Brief Interview with Popular Players V

Ignacio Cabrera Rank 2004: Canada U-18 #3 Forehand Rubber: Innova Premium Backhand Rubber: Clippa Blade: Carbo 7.6 Glue: Energy Idan Levi Forehand Rubber: innova red 2.0 mm Backhand Rubber: innova black 2.0 mm Blade: Offensive Classic Glue:

Brief Interview with Popular Players IV

LI Ching Association HONG KONG Date of birth 7/3/1975 Place of birth China Family: 1 yonger brother, Marital status: Single Height (in m) 1.66 Weight (in kg) 54 What club do you play for: Shaanxi Province Materials

Brief Interview with Popular Players III

Michelle Do Results: U.S. Olympian, 2003 US InterCollegiate Women’s Singles and Doubles Champion Forehand Rubber: Magna Max Red Backhand Rubber: Magna Max Black Blade: Clipper Fl-M Glue: Energy Style of Play: looper/attacker Michel Ulatowski Rank 2004: Canada

Brief Interview with Popular Players II

Sandra Paovic Born: 1983 Country: Croatia Family: No brothers or sisters Clubs: Cakovec (Croatia), Basel (Switzerland), Mladost, Zagreb – current club Material: STIGA Innova 2,0mm, Clipper Wood WRB When did you start to play tabletennis? 1988 Results

Brief Interview with Popular Players I

Zoran Savic Born: 1988 Country: Serbia and Montenegro Clubs: Sintelon, Backa Palanka Material: STIGA Offensive Classic WRB-Peter, Innova Ultra Light When did you start to play tabletennis? 1995 Best results? 1-st place Molnar cup 1999 Results in