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How Outdoor Ping Pong Table Can Affect Your Game

After a tiring day, a game of table tennis is a way to release the tension from work, school
July 14, 2018

How to Choose Table Tennis Rubber

Rubbers are classified in five (5) strategies. Analyze your style of play and determine your predominant strategy compared to
July 8, 2018

Indoor Table Tennis Table – Why You Should Start

First of all I want you to be aware of the fact that indoor table tennis (also known as
July 8, 2018

Ping Pong Accessories – Net Table Cover Paddle and Tops

Before you go and get some table tennis or ping pong accessories, you need to be clear about what
June 17, 2018

Questions To Ask When Looking For The Best Ping Pong Paddles

A ping pong paddle can be a real investment in your game, with the best ping pong paddles costing
June 14, 2018

Basic Ping Pong Rules for Beginners

Ping pong rules can confuse many beginners. It doesn’t help that the rules keep changing as the sport continues
June 14, 2018

Dimensions For Tables Balls Nets Room Size

There are special table tennis dimensions that apply according to the official rules of the sport. The International Table
May 28, 2018

Different Types of Table Tennis Paddles

Selection of a perfect table tennis paddle generally varies from the beginners to the professionals. Players should not entertain
May 26, 2018

Hathaway Victory Professional 9’ Table Tennis Table

This is one of the top line tables that take your ping-pong game to the next level. It is
March 19, 2018

Start The Journey of Playing Ping Pong

I first met Connie in 1982, he had virtually stopped playing by then so I came to know him
March 12, 2018